Beeds HD can last up to 36 months, we don't hide behind exaggerated claims like "lifetime warranty" and "permanent protection". Quite simply, nothing is permanent and nothing lasts a lifetime. Beeds HD withstands rigorous real-world conditions and in some cases with proper maintenance and a regular car wash routine, Beeds HD can surpass the 36 month durability time frame. Beeds HD is a durable, versatile and honest paint treatment. No smoke, no mirrors just realistic paint protection.

This is where Beeds HD really stands out from the crowd, not only is it durable and hydrophobic as other coatings on the market, if not more, but it is solvent free. This is a massive difference as solvents are very dangerous to your health, which is why some coatings recommend wearing a mask when applying. No matter how good a product is, it isn't worth risking your health. 

Beeds HD is as easy as applying a sealant or wax. It can be applied to paint, wheels, exhaust, polished aluminium, rubber & plastic trim, headlights, matte finishes, brake calipers and convertible tops. It can be applied by hand or via HPLV gun. You can virtually coat the entire exterior of a vehicle with a single product.

Technical Specifications

Beeds HD is composed of a hybrid structure of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) and Silicon Carbide (SiC), and also VOC free and non-solvent based. Beeds HD is highly viscous, providing a super thick and slick surface which is built for scratch resistance with a hardness rating of 9H and adding up to 3-5 microns of protection. It is highly anti static, making dust easier to remove and its composition minimises water spotting. Beeds HD can be applied on paint surfaces, matte, glass, leather, vinyl surfaces, hard plastics & metal surfaces. Application time varies and will depend on climate conditions at the time of application, optional curing with infra-red (IR) lamps can be employed. Beeds HD will provide a super hydrophobic surface, increase gloss and decrease maintenance times.

Beeds HD has a very easy on, easy off application. One 50 mL bottle yields 6-8 applicationsWarranties extend up to 36 months.



Beeds HD turns hydrophobicity up to 11! Performing a sheeting rinse will leave almost no water at all. Dirt and oils cannot stick as easily making cleaning much easier.
Resistance to Chemicals
Beeds HD stands its ground. Ammonia, 91% IPA, white vinegar and adhesive remover were no match for Beeds HD. Like most coatings abrasion is the key to start anew.
Ease of Application & Removal
Solvent free means minimal flash time. You simply apply the product, allow it to sit for a few minutes and buff away. Mindblowingly easy for how durable it is. Think of it as a high quality sealant on steroids with the amazing protection of quartz.
Versatile & Durable
Beeds HD can last up to 36 months or more with proper maintenance and care. It can be applied to paint, wheels, calipers, exhaust, rubber & plastic trim, headlights, matte finishes and even convertible tops.
High "Candy-like" Gloss
Beeds HD gives a ridiculous amount of gloss that increases a few days after application. It is very glossy and "candy-like" in appearance.
Solvent Free
Health risk free. No solvents means that you can apply faster, achieve better results quicker and remove the stress on your health. You can put away the breathing mask for this one.



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